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It is said that those who move their legs, move their heart as well, especially when we do so following the amazing paths that cross the peninsula of O Grove.
Nice little walks that take us for one to two hours, through beaches, mounts and cliffs, always with the constant saltpetre smell filling our lungs.

Os Lagarteiros

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The “Kestrels’ Route”, with more than 2 km, will take us to steep paths for about one hour and a half, to spot “lagarteiros” or kestrels, small birds of prey, worshiped by farmers,...

PRG 116 Con Negro - Arte ao natural

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Located in the west end of the peninsula of O Grove, the route starts in Barreiro beach, continues southwards around the coastline towards the tourist housing of San Vicente do...

A Bodeira route

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It departs from Point Moreiras, in front of the Aquarium of the municipality, and follows the coastline all the way to A Bodeira lagoon, next to Mexilloeira beach. A line of reeds...

wooden walkboards

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Another option that we recommend due to its beauty, is letting yourself walk calmly along the wooden boardwalk that goes from the marina in Pedras Negras to the area of Con Negro....

PR-G 115 Adro Vello - Recuerdos de la historia

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La ruta de Adro vello recorre un lugar que abarca desde la Galicia rural, hasta playas de aguas cristalinas y de arena fina y blanca, pasando por antiguas fábricas de...

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