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This inlet environment has been regarded as International Protected Wetland Area under the protection of the RANSAR agreement. It’s located between the peninsula of O Grove, the isthmus of A Lanzada and the south-western side of the Arousa Island, comprising the Umia estuary from Cambados. It is right here where the former Salinas were (salt mines), which named the district: O Salnés. With every tide, the waters fill and empty the inlet through a small channel, formed by the Island of A Toxa. Quiet waters, not too deep, that make up an ecosystem chosen by a great variety of bird species that either spend winter in the area, or just stop by on their way to warmer places. Of special importance is the inlet of O Bao, where we can see species such as herons, curlews, mallards, ducks, and dunlins... among many others.


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