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Despite the difficult times we live, O Grove still remains a privileged place, preserving several protected environments. Maybe we owe it to our location, far away from other urban centres, or to the grace of God, who provided us with such matchless environments, or to the several public institutions that regulate this piece of land and sea. The truth is that numerous conservation organizations meet here: the Umia-O Grove Inter-tidal Complex, A Lanzada and Punta Carreirón beaches, as well as the Bodeira lagoon are all under the protection of the Natura Network 2000, and also the Natural Environment under a Regime of General Protection...

Con Negro

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A natural space located on the western side of the peninsula, crossed by a signposted walking route. It has a tiny beach in the shape of a half-shell, with white and fine sand,...

A Bodeira lagoon

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The lagoon is located next to Mexilloeira Beach and isolated from the sea by a large sand dune. It is rimmed with thick beds of reeds that provide shelter to the migratory birds...

Umia-O Grove inlet

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This inlet environment has been regarded as International Protected Wetland Area under the protection of the RANSAR agreement. It’s located between the peninsula of O Grove, the...

Natura network

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Protected areas for indigenous species. In O Grove, it takes up most of the wooded proportion of the peninsula.

sand dunes areas

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A Lanzada, Raeiros, Area da Cruz or Area Grande are great beaches with adjacent mobile sand dunes, which are currently being regenerated.

intertidal espace

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One of the most particular areas along O Grove’s coastline, formed in the estuary of the Umia River. An inlet with quiet waters, not too deep or salty, and sheltered by the...

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