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Several festivals take place in our municipality throughout the year. Different festivities where gastronomy is always present, together with many cultural events.

seafood festival

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The Seafood Festival takes place every October in O Grove, since 1963. A cultural-gastronomic event that highlights the basic pillars of this coastal town’s economy: fishing...

spider crab festival

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The Constitution long weekend, at the beginning of December, is the chosen time when the prohibition lifts and we can capture this delicious crustacean, and pay tribute to it. The...

St Martiño festivities

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These local festivities take place every November 11th, to honour O Grove’s patron saint. Different cultural activities, related to Samaín, take place throughout the day, together...

Carmen festivities

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The Carmen festivities take place the second half of July, being the 16th the big day. O Corgo Square turns into the first meeting point for all the festival leisure, folkloric and...


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February, apart from being the best time to enjoy seafood, is also the month witnessing the festival that most people look forward to: the carnival. From the Godparents’ diners,...

San Vicente festivals

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A lo largo del año se celebran numerosas fiestas en la parroquia de San Vicente, fiestas de origen religioso como las del Patrón o del Sacramento, y otras de origen pagano como las...

Festa da Salga

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La Festa da Salga rememora el antiguo proceso de salazón de la sardina en las fábricas de salazón que instauraron los "fomentadores catalanes". Con...

Desembarco pirata

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Evento tematico basado en el hecho historico que acontecio durante los años 1798 y 1801 en las costas de San Vicente de O Grove.     Del 7 al 9 de junio de...

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